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Sabari Resorts committed to high standards of hospitality with the harmonious blend of elegance in atmosphere and a relaxing surrounding that is evocative.
The Lake
A magnificent star-shaped lake glitters like a jewel amidst the emerald green wooded slopes. This 24 hectare lake is skirted by 5 Kms long, black tapped road is focal point of kodai. This Lake was created in 1863 by Sir Vere Hendry Levinge.
Coaker's Walk
A kilometer’s walk from the lake, it derives the name Lt. Coaker, who prepared the map of Kodai. Coaker's Walk runs along a steep, emerald green wooded slope. From Coaker's Walk one can have a breath-taking view of the plains below.
Green Valley View
It is about 5.5 Kms from the lake and located very close to Golf club, it commands a beautiful view of entire vaigai dam, as the valley is very deep, dense and dangerous, recommended seeing with precautionary measures.
Pillar Rocks
It is about 7.4 Kms from the lake. Three boulders stand shoulder to shoulder vertically measuring of about 122 meters providing a beautiful view. It has a mini garden.

Other Place to Visit

Bryant Park
Telescope House
Shenbaganur Museum
Dolmen Circle
Thalaiyar Falls
Berijam Lake
Silver Cascade
Pambar Falls
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