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Zero - The Bar
Open Hours
Monday – Saturday
11.a.m – 11.p.m
Sunday 11.a.m – 11.p.m

Choose from wide varieties
Classic and contemporary
Sumptuous Bar
A well stocked bar replete
with an assortment of wide
variety of drinks makes it
the perfect escape for the
perfect gathering
The Right Choice for Perfect Drink
The Zero Bar, seriously stylish bar, an ideal place to chill out is a perfect spot for a quiet relaxing drink. It’s a glamorous, sophisticated space with the vibrant decor emphasizing its connection with the musical world. A unique venue with a collection of musical instruments suspended all over the ceiling and posters on the wall all making it an ideal place for a truly unforgettable experience. The very best selection awaits the most dedicated connoisseur all served cold and in crystal.
Capturing the attention of every listener our Zero bar DJ brings in the most different and exciting musical experience. Playing the right DJ sets mixed, the DJ provides the listeners the unique experience - to relax and enjoy the champagnes and cocktails in this deeply glamorous and vibrant bar.With chic, cutting-edge design blending seamlessly with an attention to detail and a level of personalized service ensures that guests enjoy the high standards synonymous with the Zero bar brand.
Ultra-stylish décor and mouth-watering cocktails put the Zero Bar into a league of its own. The wide selection of bar menu delights includes a light snack menu throughout the day. The cocktail menu is a fusion of tradition and innovation using exclusive vintages and limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs. You cannot fail to be dazzled by the meticulous attention to detail that goes into making what you sip. This is a bar in which to enjoy fine wines, cognacs, champagne and expertly-made cocktails.


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